Thunderstruck 2 Mobile Slot

Thunderstruck2 Mobile Slot is a sequel to the Thunderstruck online slot game. Both of the games are modeled after mobile slot machines. The appeal of the game is heavily drawn from its graphics and usage of one popular icon, Thor! The game also has many references to the Norse mythology like Odin, Valkyries, and Loki. Developed by Microgaming, the game is packed with various bonuses and a high in game jackpot, which increases the replay value of the game.

How does it work

The game is simple enough that you can do it with one hand. You just have to roll the slot and pray that you get the chance to win special prizes and additional bonuses.


The game has many features that make it arguably one of the most entertaining slot machine games you can play online.

Epic characters

Thor, Odin, Valkyris (stylized here without the “e”) are all here in their full Asgardian glory! Enjoy the game with these mythological characters from Norse Mythology. Your favorite sneaky god, Loki, also makes an appearance here!

Crisp sounds

The sounds when you match panels/characters and when you win bonus prizes are spot on. It also plays a progressive sound that gets more and more epic in scale as you win more and more prizes. This adds to the overall feel of the game and makes it more addicting.


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100% up to $/£200

Great Graphics

The graphics of this game are topnotch and simply superb. Explosions look just right and fit the overall “theme” of the game. The animated background also looks like real thunder clouds and adds to the “electric” feel of the game.

Easier winning mechanics

Compared to its predecessor, Thunderstruck2 Mobile Slot uses a mechanic called All Ways Slot which means that winning in this game is as easy as matching three or more adjacent symbols.

Scatter bonus and big payouts

Scatter win prizes are available for 2,3, 4, and 5 symbols matched. The game also has a big chance of winning which increases your game time and gives you enough to grow your base and keep going.

The Great Hall of Free Spins

The Thunderstruck2 Mobile Slot has a great gameplay mechanic that allows you to gain more free spins with each and every round you play. The Great Hall of Free Spins have four different win features and here are the four of them:

Valkyrie – 10 free spins reward where wins are equivalent to x5 of the initial amount
Loki – 15 free spins reward and a Magic Wild on Reel 3
Odin – 20 free spins reward and is accompanied by Wild Raven pieces that can be converted to random prizes
Thor – 25 free spins and allows consecutive wins with increasing multipliers
Wild Storm Feature – random award that can turn 5 reels to wild (allows you to win up to 2.4 million coins)

Thunderstruck2 Mobile Slot is a good mobile slot game that uses the appeal of Norse mythology and incorporates more chances of winning, making it a fan favorite among slot players. Learn more about it at!