Terminator 2 Mobile Slot

Based on one of the highest-earning film franchises of all time, a new slot machine game was launched by MicroGaming Design in the summer of 2014 – the same studio which brought you iconic mobile slot games themed on popular films such as the Dark Night and the Lord of the Rings. This game is called the Terminator 2 Mobile Slot game. It has one-of-a-kind features and extras that make it game very popular among online players.

On Winning and Payouts

The game has the movie Terminator as its theme and features the characters as well as the video scenes from the said movie along with standard reel symbols. It is said to have a very high payout percentage, even belonging to the top ten mobile slot games on this category. Choosing this game for your online casino visit will allow you to stretch your money a long way and enjoy longer play times.

The Terminator 2 Mobile Slot game offers players 243 ways of winning. Of course, it’d take a lot of coins (and luck) to try each of those ways at least once. You can adjust the total amount of bet by fine-tuning coin values and increments. One entertaining feature is that when you hit a winning combination with one of the key characters of the film, you get to see a video clip of that character from the scenes of the Terminator.

Minor jackpot payouts are rather small but if you hit the highest jackpots on the free spins and bonus game feature, you’ll be cashing in a big sum of money.

Good Game Mechanics

You will be looking for the time travel orbs as they reveal scatter symbols that give bonus games. As many have realized firsthand, such bonus games are synonymous with massive payout potential. There are also sets of wild symbols on the reel of the Terminator 2 Mobile Slot that can substitute for all the standard reel symbols, except for the scatter and bonus symbols.

The most exciting part of this mobile slot game is the free spins. Like the regular free spin, you get more chances of winning combinations with this feature. This can be achieved by spinning the necessary number of Time Travel Orb scatter symbols. But there is a twist, if you happen to get a free spin, you will get to play on a “1021 ways to win” playing structure. This means that your chance of getting winning combinations is now five times higher. It due to this feature that this game is rated to have one of the highest payout percentages in online casino games today.


Terminator 2 Mobile Slot

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100% up to $/£200
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100% up to $/£200

A couple of bonus games are also awarded when you find the both a T1000 and T800 set in the reels. So set your sights on these reel symbols and work your way to the jackpot via the free spins and bonus game features.

The Verdict

Terminator 2 Mobile Slot is certainly a topnotch game. It combines the appeal of classic slots with intriguing new game mechanics and impressive themed content.