South Park Mobile Slot

Who does not know south park? It is basically one of the most popular animated series because of its sharp social commentaries and funny parodies. Now, South Park has been re-imagined as a slot machine game! This review will allow you to get a glimpse of the game and also help you decide if this is worth the money and the trouble.

The Game

The South Park Mobile Slot has all the elements of a typical slot game, but is not short on jokes, puns, and laughter that the series is very well-known for. Thankfully, this game manages to avoid the dreaded unwanted features which only serve to take your attention on winning by drowning you with mini-games. The game features the characters from the show like Cartman, Kenny, Stan, and Kyle.

The game also has 8 bonus features, which is considered a lot for mobile slot games. These features are often marked by the characters in the show. The moves in the game also reference to famous South Park lines or jokes. The moves or bonuses in this game are simply random and might overwhelm a player, especially for someone who does not watch South Park or is not a fan.

It is said that the return-to-player rate of the game is pegged at 96.7% which is pretty high. Almost every other turn nets you something, whether it’s a bonus prize or another wild spin. This prevents the game from getting dull as there are other mobile slot games that have low return-to-player rates, resulting in several spins without actually winning something.

The game has hundreds of bonus features, each potentially cracking you up now and then with the South Park characters’ crazy antics. The Free Spins and Sticky Wild all do a great job of keeping you playing.

The Graphics

The in-game graphics for the South Park Mobile Slot fits the game and it is good that they decided to stick with the cartooned style of the series keeping the game loyal to its source. The style of the graphics also helps the game deliver some of its crazy antics in the background while you are spinning and taking chances on the jackpot.


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If you are going to give the South Park Mobile Slot game a try, it would be best to do it with sounds. Playing with sounds allow you to hear the snaps and quibbles (e.g. Beefcake!) borrowed from South Park series.


See how the letter “Q” is assigned to Mr. Garrison? Is it for queer? Maybe yes, maybe not. Anyway, this is one of among the many references hidden in the game with some of them hiding in plain sight.

Overall Review

South Park Mobile Slot succeeds in entertaining you and at the same time pushing you to go further. You won’t even notice how much time you’ve poured into the game that is until you lose all your money for betting! Worry not though as the game is highly enjoyable, especially if you are a big South Park fan!