Mobile Slots

The slot machine, also known as puggy, is a casino gambling game involving three or more reels that spin when a button is pushed. The game is so popular that it’s played in almost all countries. Slot machines were once named one-armed bandits because they used to be operated with a lever. Slots are thought to be a game of strategy but in reality, it is simply just a game of luck. Slot machines in the casino are big and colorful, but not everyone can go to the casino to play the game of chance. So, that’s why mobile slots emerged, letting players enjoy the game without requiring them to drive to a nearby casino.

With the use of a smartphone or tablet (connected to the internet), playing slots is now more convenient ever. Mobile slots offer gamers the same experience they’d have if they went to a casino, but in a lighter and more convenient way. Just like real slot machines, mobile slots have reels which spin when the button is pushed. Of course, everything starts with betting. After the player has placed his or her bet, the button would then be pushed for the reels to spin.

Now, how does a player win? Each reel is composed of a cherry symbol, bars, double bars, triple bars and seven, while other slots are composed of numbers. When the spinning reel comes to a stop, a combination of those symbols would appear. The winning credits would now depend on the combination that appeared when the reel stopped from spinning. Other slot machines or slot games offer a bonus game. The player must read the rules carefully for a better chance at winning, and simply because bonus games differ for each virtual slot machine.


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100% up to $/£200
200% up to £700
100% up to $/£200
100% up to $/£1,600

Payout percentage is a known term for playing slots wherein it is programmed to pay out winnings from 82% and up to 98%, depending on the slot played. There’s also a system called “return to player (RTP)” which is designed to simply return the money wagered back to the player – if he’s at least that lucky. So, slots, much like other common casino offerings, are merely a game of chance.

In playing the slots game, one must know the different terms used. The first term is “Hit”, which is a slang term for winning the game. Another term to remember is “Max Bet” which is the maximum amount that a player can bet on a game in a single round. There is also a term for those players who only bet a single coin per round. Those players are known as “onesies”. “Payline” is the line that informs the player of the symbols that match. A “zombie” is a term used for those people who continuously play on a single machine.

Slots is an addicting and fun game, especially since there’s always the thought of winning money. What makes this game fun is that no strategy is needed. Just simply bet, push the button, wait for the reel to stop spinning, and look at the combination – it is simple as 1,2,3.