Jurassic Park

Do you like dinosaurs? Do you wish sometimes you could see some of the greatest and biggest lizards that roamed the earth? Worry not, for in the game Jurassic Park Mobile Slot, you, as the player, is able to relive the adventure which has been depicted in the hit movie.

Here are some of the features of the game:

5 Wild features

The game allows you to gain 5 Wild features which can give you many bonus prizes! The Wild features of the game certainly fits with the theme of the game which is set in the Jurassic Park, home to some of the wildest dinosaurs to ever set their foot here on Earth.

Wild focus

Aside from the 5 Wild features that you can get, there are other mechanics of the game that focuses on the Wild features like partial stacks and wild splitting.

Use of Jurassic Park movie clips and video

This game is one big Jurassic Park tribute. Jurassic Park Mobile Slot uses movie footage of the 1993 classic that will surely help you imagine that you are in the (in)famous Jurassic Park! The usage of images and video clips from the movie is a very wise move on the part of the developer, Microgaming, for it enhances the gameplay value of the game. Watch as iconic actors and scenes come to life once again while playing and betting for slots.

T-Rex Attack!

The Tyrannosaurus Rex may appear at any given time and these appearance add 35 wild appearance on the reels. The chances of winning at the slot is dramatically increased because of this. Beware though, your first time experience with the T-Rex sighting can leave your mouth open because of wonderful animation. It also helps that the sound suddenly changes and becomes more terrifying and the randomness of this feature adds to the suspense of the game.


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Wonderful animation

If you have missed the movie and failed to see the dinosaurs in action, here is your chance to do so! The game heavily features animated dinosaurs roaming and unleashing their ferocious side. While playing, you might be surprised by an appearance of a couple of Velociraptors who will even bicker at each other before going off-screen.

Parallax icon

The game also features parallax scrolling which allows the icons to look like they are moving in accordance to your movements or direction. This feature helps players become more immersed in the world of Jurassic Park.


The respinning feature is important as it is another chance to win the jackpot and other fabulous prizes!

Short review of Jurassic Park Mobile Slot

Jurassic Park Mobile Slot is a big game with high chances of winning. It is an enjoyable game, especially if you are a big fan of the Jurassic Movie. The game pays homage to the classic film by utilizing actors and clips from the movie itself. The mechanics are easy to understand and explained well. All in all, the game should not be missed out by Jurassic Park fans as well as avid mobile slot players. More details can be found at newmobilecasino.net