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About The Casino

Since their inception back in the late 80’s, computer games have long been a favorite of the young and old alike. With their eye-catching graphics and novel concepts, computer games have greatly revolutionized what it means to play for fun.
As though computer games weren’t ground-breaking enough, the advent of the Internet would raise the stakes even further. Equipped with a real-time Wi-Fi connection, computer game addicts could now play their favorite games with players from all over the world, purchase new games online, and win tangible prizes.
The sort of computer games offered by mobile casinos are targeted towards the more mature gamers, given that a fair bit of gambling and the potential risk of losing actual money is involved. Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean that adult players can’t have as much fun as their younger counterparts, especially since there are substantial cash prizes that accompany any wins they can pull off in online casino games.
Jackpot Paradise Mobile Casino is proof that gaming platforms that target older players can still keep the spirit of exciting and up-to-date gameplay alive. Its wide variety of enhanced casino games are certainly testament to that, and these include, but are not limited to, the following:

Big Bad Wolf.

Named after the classic “Three Little Pigs” fairytale, this Jackpot Paradise Mobile Casino take on the slot machine game uses imagery from the story to highlight its bonus game features. To access the “Pigs Turn Wild” bonus game, simply get a winning combination on two consecutive spins. Once this is accomplished, one of the Pig Reel symbols will go wild. If a player is able to pull off winning combinations on six consecutive spins, all three of the Pig Reel symbols will practically do a victory lap of sorts.
Another bonus game that can be accessed on the Big Bad Wolf occurs when a player gets three or more scattered symbols on their spins. This triggers a game that allows the player to use the character of the Big Bad Wolf so s/he can blow down as many of the little pigs’ houses as possible in exchange for a special prize.

Jurassic Park.

Inspired by the cult-classic dinosaur flick, the Jurassic Park slot machine game is another of the Jackpot Paradise Mobile Casino mainstays. Much like the Big Bad Wolf game, the Jurassic Park game allows online gamblers to access special bonus games.
The game offers a set of twelve free spins, which include a set of wild reel symbols in the game play. The wild reel symbols are patterned after the dinosaurs from the famous movie, and if the player manages to stack them on each spin, more symbols are added to the game. The more symbols that a player can stack, the more free spins they will get in return.

Immortal Romance.

The rather cheesy Microgaming app takes its name from one of the two bonus features that exist in this Jackpot Paradise Mobile Casino alternative to the traditional slot machine game.
Called the Wild Desire Feature, the bonus game allows one of the five slot reels to turn in to a wild reel, which increases the chances of hitting a winning combination.

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100% up to $/£200

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