Mobile BlackJack

Blackjack is a very famous casino game played with a 52-card deck (without the jokers). Now, it can be found and played online through mobile blackjack. It can finally be enjoyed anywhere and anytime. With its simple rules, the game has enthralled a lot of people. If you’re interested to learn the basics of mobile blackjack, you simply have to continue reading.

Just like in the casino game, the only enemy is the dealer. Accumulating higher cards than those of the dealer is a must to win the game; however, it’s crucial to make sure that the cards won’t exceed a sum of twenty one. The player is given two cards dealt face up and the dealer receives two cards as well; one of the dealer’s cards though, is facing down (known as the hole card). Computing the score acquired is simply done by adding the values of the individual cards. Two until 10 have their face value, Jack, King and Queen has a value of ten; the Ace card can be equivalent to one or eleven, depending on the rules set.



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The best way to win this game is to receive an ace card and any of the ten-point card. This will give the player an automatic win unless the dealer also has “blackjack” which would result into a push for the player (the bet is returned to the player). Well, what if the two given cards are far from the sum of twenty-one? No problem, the player can ask another card from the dealer until it reaches the desired sum. Again, make sure it does not go beyond the sum of 21, or else you will lose.

Just like any other games, mobile blackjack also has some side rules which can only be used immediately after the deal and before the player takes more cards. One of them is “Insurance”. Insurance simply gives the player a chance to bet if the dealer has a blackjack or not, when the dealers face up card shows ace. Another is the “Surrender” which simply means that if the player feels like his/her card is a bad hand compared to the dealer’s hand; by surrendering, the player claims half of his/her bet.

This is very helpful to use to avoid a big loss, thus, this must be used at the right time. Another is “Splitting” wherein the player would receive two cards of the same value and have the option to split it in two. The player would simply have two hands wherein the bet is the same as the original bet for the other hand. Those two hands would be treated separately. The last would be “Doubling Down” wherein the player can double his/her bet if he/she is confident about beating the dealers hand.

Mobile blackjack is a game that’s not merely entertaining. It also exercises the brain, especially when coming up with a winning strategy. One known strategy is “Card Counting” which involves keeping track of the cards that have been played and the cards that remain in the deck. It is the most often used strategy simply because it often gives player a significant advantage.
Now that you know all those things, you should be knowledgeable enough to try the game firsthand – and at least, have a chance at winning. Good luck!