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Gambling has long been a favorite pastime of the human race. The rewards of a lucky bet can be tremendously enormous, and often, anticipating how the game will turn out gives one an incredible adrenaline rush. Simply put, there is a pure, naked thrill that comes from making an exceedingly ballsy bet and then rolling the dice, so to speak.

There are numerous forms of gambling that cater to practically every preference nowadays. High-rollers and gambling addicts alike can take their pick from placing bets on horse-racing to taking a spin at the roulette tables. Gambling as a business has been so lucrative that big casino owners have taken to adding luxury hotels, theaters, and restaurants to further take advantage of the crowds drawn in by their sprawling gambling dens.
Some of the more forward-looking casino magnates, however, have also begun to explore the field of mobile casinos. Mobile gambling, as it is also known, involves using a handheld or remote device (e.g., a smartphone or a laptop) with access to the Internet to play games of chance or skill for money. Since most 21st century citizens have at least one remote device on their persons at any given time, mobile casinos are an effective way for big casino operators to extend their market reach and thus gain more customers.


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Although the field of mobile gambling is relatively new, having been established in 2005, it has rapidly caught on with tech-savvy gamblers and casino operators alike. As of 2013, most of the big-name casino operators have built their own special platforms for mobile gambling. Each platform, in turn, has also been configured to cater to the various mobile devices on the market.
Back in 1999, the Canadian company called Research in Motion developed one of the first smartphones in the world. Called the Blackberry, the sleek, square black phone became a favorite among professionals for its myriad of functional and user-friendly features. Fast forward to the current year, and the advent of online casinos like have added a nifty new feature to the smartphone pioneer: the Blackberry Casinos.

Blackberry Casinos basically enable avid gamblers to access their favorite online casino rooms and/or games from practically anywhere in the world, so long as they have a working Internet connection, a Blackberry smartphone, and a credit card. To begin, a Blackberry user would simply need to find a mobile casino that is compatible with their smartphone, and then register for an account with the said mobile casino. Some mobile casinos would require a membership fee or an initial cash outlay (which can be rendered via a credit card), but there are also some that allow online gamblers to just charge their cards as they play.

Blackberry users who want to play their favorite gambling games don’t necessarily need to download the casino software for their phones, but Blackberry Casinos generally work better if the right platform is installed before the user begins accessing the online casino rooms through their smartphone. Installing the right mobile casino platform normally results in better graphics, smoother gameplay, and increased security for smartphone users on their Blackberry Casinos.