Big Bad Wolf Mobile Slot

The Big Bad Wolf Mobile Slot is great for slot players who are looking for a different slot experience. The game is based on the popular tale of the three little pigs who were preyed upon by the big bad wolf. In this game, great prizes are at stake and chances to win are high, although you must be willing to spend a little bit of cash in order to get the most out of the prizes.


The graphics reflect the fun and playful nature of the game. It has the three little pigs as the “cards” of the game, along with the big bad wolf and a special knitted pig stuffed toy. The Wild feature of the slot machine game is represented here as a honeycomb. It is great how the look of the game represents a simple farm. The whole game takes place inside a straw house which is one of the houses built by one of the three pigs. The three pigs are also accurately represented and from their poses alone, you can easily determine who is the eldest pig down to the youngest pig. The art is simple yet good enough to catch your attention


Unfortunately, the sound department of the game was lacking and a few minutes into the game, you could already hear the sound clip being repeated again. Leaving the game idle also bares the simple sound clips incorporated in the game. You will only hear the chirping of the birds the whole time and almost nothing more


Big Bad Wolf Mobile Slot has a great gameplay and features the Pig Turns Wild chance wherein playing the base game allows you to progressively gain spins that will further your chances at winning. Another unique bonus is aligning three or more scatter symbols to see the wolf blow the house down! The blown away symbols leave empty spaces which allow new symbols to fill in. All of these features allow the player to get more chances of winning in the game. Also, when you have collected three Moon symbols on the final reel, you will be awarded with extra spins and a double score multiplier for all wins.


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Other Features

It is also thoughtful on the part of the developers to equip the Big Bad Wolf Mobile Slot with an auto play feature which allows the computer to complete an action without your input. This will not really affect the gameplay as the winning and combination of the symbols are determined by random number generator (RNG) codes, meaning the chances of winning are the same regardless if the spin was manually or automatically done.

The game can currently be played freely on the internet so you can give it a try and find out if it fits your taste. The game can also assign shortcuts to your keyboard, making it easier to play.

Overall Review

Big Bad Wolf Mobile Slot is a pretty decent game among the mobile slot games available. It should not be missed out for the fact that it features great graphics as well as gameplay mechanics that cannot be seen in other mobile slot games.