Avalon 2 Mobile Slot

Another jewel presented to gamers by Microgaming, the Avalon 2 Mobile Slot game is worth the wait. The first Avalon, when played today, is still quite addicting and enjoyable. However, the graphics and sounds may feel outdated. The sequel is the perfect update of the game and upgrades the graphics and music, resulting into a perfect mix of magic, mysticism, luck, and of course money!


The graphics of the game will make any competing slot machine game run in fear because it is nothing short of outstanding. 3D Graphics have never looked this beautiful and while it does nothing to help you win the game, it helps in terms of immersion. It makes you feel like a traveler or adventurer in a magical world. The game will show you how beautiful it is to live in the middle ages. The waterfalls, trees, and landscape engage you as a player and adds to a heightened sense of realism. Meaning, you can spend all your time spinning reels and hoping for good prizes and still never tire of the game because you feel part of one big grand quest. With Avalon 2: Quest for the Holy Grail, you sure are in for one fun game!


Music has improved in the sequel, but only by a little bit. However, it still gives you the “vibe” and makes you feel energized and alive. The overall theme music feels like the soundtrack for epic movies and could give you goosebumps when it comes to the upbeat part. There are also tracks that are calm and soothing yet gives you the feeling of an imminent danger you need to overcome.


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Features of the game

Avalon 2 Mobile Slot game features everything you expect from a slot game. It has wilds, scatters, extra-wilds, etc.


Wilds are not rare for experienced players of mobile slot and in Avalon 2 Mobile Slot, wilds are represented by the Lady of the Lake. The Lady of the Lake has the ability to transform other symbols for more chances of winning.


The Grail acts as the scatter symbol in this game and offer good scatter payouts. Whenever a grail appears, you may be transported to a bonus round or be given the chance to play for additional prizes. Sometimes, you might even activate interactive scenes which are pretty fun to watch.


Of course, if we are talking about magic, Merlin should be in it. Fortunately, this game doesn’t disappoint and gives you the greatest wizard of all time. If he appears, consider yourself lucky since he will award you with a cash prize or a random multiplier.

The adventure

The game will transport you to different worlds like the Lake of Legend and the Isle of Avalon. Each of these worlds (or places) offer different backgrounds and music making you feel like you really are transported into another place. Keep playing to visit each and every one of these worlds and embark on an adventure of a lifetime.


Simply put, Avalon 2 Mobile Slot offers you a great deal of fun and enjoyment. And what is the only thing you need? Well, you have to try it and see for yourself! Visit newmobilecasino.net for more information.